Saturday, 7 January 2012

RED CORAL [Lal Moonga].

Coral is made up of the skeletal remains of marine animals called Coral Polyps. These tiny creatures live in colonies. which is form branching structures as they grow. eventually resulting in coral reefs and Atolls. Most coral are made of Calcium corbonate and have red,pink, white, and blue colors. But black and golden corals are made of horn like substance called conchiolin. Out of all Red coral is most precious. In India Red Coral is known by many names such as bhomaratna. Angarak, Mani, Sinduja etc. In Persian it is called Miranga, Majan.

Red coral is found in Japan, Mediterranean and Afrocam coasts. Black and golden coral is found in West Indies And Australia.
Chemical Composition

Coral has hardness of3; specific gravity 2.68; Refractive index 1.49-1.66 and Trigonal crystal structure.

Red coral is the precious stone of mars. The real coral is deep hued like vermillion and is spotless. Unreal coral cannot withstand heat and melt. Morever, the fake coral when rubbed give audible sound, which the real one does not. The real coral if scratched on floor and then rubbed with oily fingers. becomes smooth again. The fake remains scratched.

The consecration of Coral should be done when the influence of pushya constellation is there.

Astrological Effect :

The coral is said to negate the evil effect of the planet Mars. On the positive side mars is said to be the planet of action. Wearing of a coral helps remove obstacles in marriage and also to overcome marital problems. It helps to develop self-confidence and protect married women from widowhood. It also protects children from the evil eye - "Drishti nazar'.

Medical Effects :

The main effect of stone is in tissue regeneration and increase in blood cells. It decrease leukemia, fever, madness, nightmare, asthma, teething troubles, sterility, constipation, jaundice, obesity, rickets, rabies, menorrhagia, varicose, veins, anemia, haemorrhaging. and arthritis, It helps balancing spleen, mucous membrane, bile, spline, circulation,spinal canal, alimentary canal, and nervous system, Thalamus.

Wearing Gemstone (Ascendant wise analysis):

  • Aries : 

In this case mars is the lagna lord. these native can wear red coral of life. It gives them robust physique,protection from diseases name and fame. It gives enhancement of personality and general prosperity.

  • Taurus :

These native have Mars as lord of 12th and 7th house.Both are not good and these native are advised never to wear a Red Coral.

  • Gemini :

In these case, Mars becomes the lord of 11th house and 6th house. These native should also not wear Red coral except in cases where Mars is in 11th or 6th house itself. In such case, Red coral should be worn only during mars dasa period and should be removed after that.

  • Cancer :

For cancer natives, Mars is the lord of 10th house and 5 house. Here Mars is yagakarka for the natives They should wear it for life. This will give them name fame, happiness from children, begetting children,progress in professional, helps of superior authorities as well. Since mars is friend of lagna lord Moon. these native should weal pearl and red coral together to derive extremely beneficial results.

  • Leo:

Here mars is lord of 9th house and 4th house and is again yogkaraka for these natives. Red coral will give property and vehicles, It  will also enhance the status of the native.

  • Virgo :

For these natives. since Mars is the lord of 3rd and 8 house which are both dusthanas. These native should never wear Red coral. as it will be extremely harmful for them.

  • Scorpio :

For scorpio natives. Mars is the lord of assedant the 6th house. though 6th house is a dusthana but being lagna lord, it will be beneficial for the natives. The natives can wear Red coral for life.

  • Sagittarius :

Mars in this case is lord of 12th house and 5th house. MArs is considered to be beneficial planet for these natives. as it own 5th house. Red coral will give progeny and happiness from children.

  • Capricon :

Here Mars is lord of 11th house and 4th house. Red coral can be worn during mars dasa.It will help the native in property related matters and gains from it.

  • Aquirus :

Here mars becomes lord of 3rd house and 10 house. These native should not wear red coral unless mars is in 10 th house.Only during mars dasa red coral advised to get benefits in profession and support of authorities.

  • Pisces :

Mars is lord of 2nd and 9th house and is considered very beneficial for Pisces ascendant. These native should wear Red coral. They will get benefits in getting opportunities in life. Wearing yellow sapphire with it will help the native in getting extremely good benefits.


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